Designing Your Shoes

Our platform has been put together by a fantastic team of people who has a great understanding of the shoe manufacturing industry. 
Every product has been designed with a tool that allows you to navigate freely from one frame work to another making it easy to explore your imagination. 
We believe that your footwear should be a reflection of your personal style, that’s why we empower you to take full control of what you wear. 
Our expert artisan will collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring that your vision transforms into a unique, one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.
Our Bespoke section allows you to customise your shoes to your own liking and by just clicking a button you are able to access a collection filled with classic styles to work with.
It’s simple! Choose from our existing shapes and styles and start designing.


FastLane, MTO and Crust Leather


The FastLane tool will provide you with a variety of different styles to choose from two shapes. Zurigo, a classic rounded toe and Savile a more chiselled toe cap. 

It allows you to create ready to wear styles and choose between variety of sole options that better suit your needs.

The manufacturing process takes up to 7 working days, the shoes are then ready to be shipped to you.

MTO service

Our MTO service can be found under the "Mens-Goodyear Welt" option.

With this tool you will have more flexibility in order to create that unique piece.

You can choose between different leather materials and sole styles* to bring your imagination to life, this gives you more options when it comes to lasts! You have the opportunity to choose from 4 shapes, we recommend you choose from two of our best shapes Zurigo and Savile.

The manufacturing process takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete. The shoes are then ready to be shipped to you.

*Please bear in mind Dainite and Crepe sole will incur an additional fee.

Un-Tanned Canvas

The Un-Tanned Canvas is our specialist tool.

You can choose between a variety of styles, all available in unfinished leather. Using the art of patina, our colourist uses the process of hand painting and leather dying to produce a uniquemasterpiece whilst combining antiquing and burnishing methods.

This is the most popular choice for customers who are looking for that timeless piece with an artisan finishing.

The manufacturing and colouring process takes 4 weeks to complete. The shoes are then ready to be shipped to you.

Shoe Fitting

We recommend you start by visiting our size guide page to get fitted and select the best width for you. Every size is true to its last and fitting.

With our range of handcrafted, customisable shoes, you have complete control over every detail, from the style and shape to the colour finishing. 

Whether you prefer classic, timeless designs or bold and extravagant statements, we are here to help you create the perfect pair that perfectly reflects who you are.

With our shoes, you are in control and your style knows no limits.